What's Your Vision?

One of the first things I did after making up my mind that I was going to make changes for my health and life was create a vision board. I started by writing an outline of my major goals for the next month, next 6 months, and next year. Where did I want to go? What did I want for my life? How would I get there?

After creating a list, I gathered three magazines - SHAPE, a Costco magazine I had gotten in the mail that week, and Subaru Drive, a quarterly publication for Subaru owners. Not exactly a standard coffee table collection but there were pictures and articles that were right down my alley so I figured they would work just as well as anything else.

I spent the next hour cutting out pictures and words that resonated with the outline I had put on paper. Big, bold phrases like "CAN-DO" and "Ignite Something." I then organized them into groups that made sense - fitness in one pile, healthy eating in another, family, career, travel, etc.

I found some poster board and began assembling my vision board. As each new piece was glued down, things began to come in to focus. I got more excited as the white background slowly disappeared. The finishing touch was creating a place on the refrigerator where I could be reminded of my new vision every single day.

I'm a creative person so a health, fitness, and future vision board was extremely helpful for me. Do what works for you. Maybe you want to journal about your goals, maybe it's creating a spreadsheet that you can access from your computer every day. Sometimes it helps to have a friend or confidant you can share you vision with and then hold one another accountable.

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